In this paper we proved that our determination of mass is in accordance with some established physical facts. In some of the upcoming papers we will present proofs of this determination. Also, we will show how it enables us to understand the phenomenon of gravity and calculate Gravitational constant, which we pointed out as the third condition for our mass determination to be valid.

There is no evidence that ether doesn't exist. Experiments which deal with this problem boil down to the impossibility to prove that ether exist. However, let's question the premises on which these experiments were made. Majority of this premises starts from the question if ether is being pulled by material bodies. It was impossible to prove pulling of ether and our equation (8) very clearly shows why. If the ratio \(\frac {\Delta \rho} \rho = \frac 1 {8.6928 \times 10^{-10}}\) is inside of proton, please use this formula to calculate the speed at which ether moves inside of proton’s mass if proton moves, let say, at the speed of \(60 km/s\).

And if we look for the speed of pulling outside of the proton's mass, on any distance from its surface, ether practically doesn't move. If we think on Michelson – Morley's experiment, let us think on how correct it is designed. Firstly, it doesn't prove that ether doesn’t exist. It proves only that Earth doesn't move in relation to ether, and in the whole idea of this experiment there is impermissible presumption that Earth moves in relation to ether at that speed at which it moves on orbit around the Sun. And why hasn't been taken into account the possibility that the Sun moves, together with all its planets, in relation to ether?

Astrophysics claim that the Sun moves around the center of galaxy even faster than the Earth moves around the Sun. Possibility is also that our own galaxy moves as a whole. When we take all this into consideration it is even stranger that this experiment served as construction of mathematical trick known as "Lorenz Transformations" on basis of which Theory of Relativity generated to declare ether as unnecessary to science. Which speed of Earth's movement would someone who thinks critically set in Lorenz transformations? And in relation to which referent point would this speed be determined? If relative speed is important, Earth has so many relative speeds as many are there bodies in Universe. Earth has different relative speed in relation to every one of them. We would say that even without reliable proofs that ether exist, it is a fact that on basis of ether everything can be explained and without it nothing can.

However, even before our theory there were evidences for existence of ether but they weren't understood properly. For example, couldn't the Cerenkov's effect be interpreted as the proof that medium through which electron moves when emits waves, exists? Can "relativistic mass increase" at great speeds be interpreted in a way there is a medium which resistance to body movement become visible at great speeds? The appearance of artificial masses in crashes of fast natural particles could be interpreted in that way also. And in the end, doesn't the fact that waves can run through space prove the necessity of a medium which transfers them?

When trough solenoid flows electric current of great intensity, the magnetic field is stronger when there is no iron implant placed into it. It means that at electric currents of big intensity the "inductivity of vacuum" is bigger than inductivity of iron implant. Furthermore, "inductivity of vacuum" grows with the increase of intensity of electric current. How to explain this, and is it possible to explain it if we presume that the space inside of solenoid is empty?

If we presume that magnetic field is consequence of ether's vortex inside the solenoid, everything is clear: at bigger speeds of vortex movement, iron implant starts to act as a brake.

We believe it is possible to set the experiment which would directly prove that ether exist: we could design experiment similar to Michelson – Morley and set it into magnetic field that is strong enough for effects of ether's movement in relation to measuring instruments to be registered.

We ask reader to think critically on these subjects – we believe the time has come to take off the mask from physical face of the Universe.